Best Interior Designers in Chennai

D5 Design Factory is one of the Best Interior Designers in Chennai.
D5 Design Factory is founded on the concept of creating unique, utilitarian and absolutely quality embedded interiors.

The people at the helm in D5 have indepth knowledge and expertise in interiors working with leading clients in Chennai and surroundings. The Managing Partners of the company have a combined experience of over 15 years in the field and believes that aligning customer dreams to aesthetic reality is their prime responsibility.

Times have changed and so has the designing, production and delivery of interior design elements. To meet the changing times we have an extensive production facility at ‘Keel’ Ayanambakkam, Chennai with highly talented and experienced workforce to take care of time-bound projects.

Unlike most of the interior design firms, we are fully equipped in-house to produce some of the finest interior elements. We use best in class machines for producing some of the most intricate designs and innovative interior elements including display units, wardrobes, cabinets and kitchens. Apart from the on-site fabrication some of the elements that require special designing are made using best in class machines. This enables to deliver 100% quality to our work and ensure long lasting life for the elements.


The entire process of production and delivery is carried out through a well structured process where each and every step is whetted for quality and precision with relevance to customer budgets and needs.

Context Analysis | Schematic Design Feasibility Studies | Design Styles | Concept Sketches | Mood Boards | Budget Estimates

Space Planning | Space hierarchy | Area Statements | Interior Layouts | Furniture Layout | Custom Design Plans

Exterior 3D Elevation Designs | Interior 3D Views | 360 Panaroma | Design Style Options | Color Options | Lighting Design

Structural Feasibility | Structural Design | Electrical & Plumbing Design | Services Coordination | Stability Certificates | Civil Specifications

Building Material Specifications | Finish Specs | Technical Vs Aesthetic Value Proportions | Accurate Estimates | Multiple Vendor Quotes

Site Quality Control | Photographic Progress Reports | Project Scheduling & Milestones | Specifications, Design & Time Adherence



July 10, 2017|Leave a comment

With our European team and through contacts with the most creative European manufacturers we offer our discerning clients the top of quality, creativity and style. With 10 years of...

June 24, 2017|Leave a comment

D5 Design Factory, Our design team provides an all-inclusive service, making your design project hassle free and fun. Our experts have been working with clients throughout Chennai to transform...

June 12, 2017|Leave a comment

D5 design Factory  does the interior work for Luxury Homes in Chennai. Interiors bring a small industrial feeling, especially seeing the brick walls and the metallic staircase. The areas...


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