D5 Design Factory provides residential interior designing services as per latest trends. We come up with vibrant and differentiated themes for the space while keeping in mind the client’s brief. The designs are conceived particularly based on the client’s budget, likes and dislikes. Then our team members wrack their brains to give the client the finest designs and execute the project at the best possible price.


When it comes to the office interior design and layouts, D5 Design Factory is your best choice. Our professional experience in designing some of the leading office spaces will give your office a leading edge. Our idea is to set up a modern statement of elegant, welcoming and practical workplace that is always inviting for the guest and the people who work there.


D5 Design is into designing and execution of showroom interiors for our clients. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Showroom design calls for an in-depth knowledge of marketing strategy and branding along with a practical experience in implementing it. The most important element of this process is to be able to put the client’s corporate vision and message across to their customers. We workout designs that are customer friendly with uplifting ambience and inviting enough to bring back high footfalls into the showroom again and again.


Here at D5 Design Factory, we cater to all types of furniture needs for hotels, offices, educational institutions, residence, library and laboratories. We offer the best prices on hotel, restaurant, cafeteria and coffee shop furniture. We supply many kind of furniture for hotels such as bedroom set, dining room set, kitchen furniture set, bathroom furniture, lobby hotel furniture etc.


There is nothing more challenging than renovation work and at D5 we have acquired a rare penchant for renovation work that is outstanding. We emphasize on safety and quality work that will bring back to life spaces which have lost the sheen over the years. The other aspect of renovation which is of utmost interest to the customer is that the ROI on renovation is pretty good. Renovation will definitely increase the value of your home or office by at least the amount of money you spent, or close to it.


D5 Design Factory offers some low-cost improvements that make your space look better: Painting, new wallpaper, and items like new rugs and curtains help to brighten and improve the look and add value.

why choose us


We harp on comfort as we create some of the most elegant and aesthetic residential interior designs, that reflect the clients’ lifestyle and surroundings. We try to create a space that inspires minds and warms the hearts. To make individual interior design solutions stand out we use a palette of colors and patterns, distinct fittings, magnificient furniture and awe inspiring furnishings. We convert spaces to lively abodes for a lifetime.


Our office designs always take care to include individual cubicles, desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, and bookshelves, or entire predesigned office collections in our modular packages. We are committed to affordably design an office space to suit your style and corporate vision.


Like other interior design, showroom design also requires both creativity and practical knowledge. Creativity on the part of the designer is very important in order for the showroom to be a success. A good designer for showroom design will understand that the ultimate goal of a showroom is to generate maximum walk-ins and ultimate close the sales to the mutual satisfaction of the customer and the company.


The right choice of office furniture can make a huge difference to your workspace, starting with your choice of desks and seating right up to the outfitting of your entire office. We manufacture and source the best products at the best prices and ensure that you can save money without compromising on quality or design.