Our Creative Minds


Mrs Siva Bharathi



Mr Harres Prabu



Mr Saravanan

Execution Head

Mrs Siva Bharathi-Director,Admin Overall Operations

She is one among the very few highly skilled women entrepreneurs, heading the entire team of manufacturing, construction and supplies of the D5 design factory.

Our director is eminent in the design and architecture industry with a strong manifestation of creativity and innovation. Commencing from a very disciplined background, Mrs Siva Bharathi has a firm grip of the organization, from administration to creative designing and transformation. Glancing through her designs will instantly trigger your creativity, making you think out of the box.

With her immense passion for mentoring, she always aims at spreading the knowledge and creativity of designing to her employees as well.

So far, a lot of people has been transformed by our director from novice to a pro, leading to start their own firm.

Always being generous to Train and transform, Ms Siva Bharathii is a down to earth person who is very humble and friendly with all employees and clients.

Mr Harres Prabu -Director

A focused young, talented CEO who solely manages sales with mere customer satisfaction. With a career background in Visual communication, the blend of creativity nurtured him not only in photo or videography but also in capturing clients' hearts. He always believes Your success depends on you.

His pioneering act came right from his first project. He understands customers' apt requirements and inculcates the intricate designing within their budget and style

Mr Harres Prabhu is always focused on customer's satisfaction, and his sales conversation is pure "clients to companions" and not about the monetary deal.

Mr Saravanan – Execution head for multiple departments in D5 Interiors

Mr Saravanan, always a team player, believes reality matters. He follows a unique strategical approach to perfectly execute any given plan according to the customer's requirement. His umbrella of control includes a number of departments ranging from plumbing, carpenter, electrician, production, etc.

A profound execution with a humble heart is always a blessing to work with him.